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Every legal entity whether individual, partnership or corporation which is authorized to perform legal transactions can be the lessee.

Several goods can be leased in one contract, however separate payment plans must be arranged for different assets having different VAT rates.

The investor sets the payment plan in accordance with its cash flow and ability to pay

Notary cost, operational cost, importation fees,(If the leased asset is subject to importation).

Leased assets must be insured by the lessee and insurance premiums are paid by the lessee.

Depending on the financials of the investor, individual or company guarantees can be required such as promissory note, mortgage, assignment of receivables.

The investor is responsible from the maintenance and protection of leased asset. The lessee is legally responsible for the damage and loss during the contract time.

Financial statements of the last three years registered by the tax office.
Pro-forma Invoice.
Original copy of signatures circular.
Tax board of the company approved by the notary.
Investment incentive certificate is asked in case of needed.
Articles of association and changes up to date.

Leased assets can be imported. All import transactions are executed by the leasing company on the behalf of lessee in accordance with the leasing contract.

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