Leasing Process


After investment decision is taken, alternative payment plans are required from A&T Leasing in terms of YTL or any foreign currency for different maturities.


Depending on the amount of investment, a payment plan is offered suitable for the cash flow of customer in different currencies and maturities.


After the evaluation of offer by the company, if it is accepted; a) Application Form b) Pro-forma Invoice c) Other Documents are sent to A&T Leasing.


If the credit analysis and evaluation is positive, credit conditions are determined.


The leasing agreement of the equipment is prepared to be signed by the investor and the leasing company.


The agreement which is certified by the notary is sent to operations department.


The seller sends the invoice to the leasing company and related order is performed in import transactions or letter of credit is opened by the leasing company.


First instalment is paid by the lessee and payment is executed to the seller by leasing company.


The date of lease payment plan is fixed. The fixed payment plan is sent to the investor and invoices are started to be issued.

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